Maechee Boonlome Phuakthet


Maechee Boonlome Phuakthet was born in 1958, and at the age of 21 she entered the temple to become a Maechee. She graduated from High School grade 9 and continued her studies in the area of Buddhism to the level of Dhamma Studies III. At first she lived in the temple and studied with her teacher. After about 4 years she became a Dhamma teacher.

Maechee Boonlome Phuakthet dedicates her life to helping teenage girls, children and women. She has for 37 years cultivated her skills into an art assisting rural girls in Dhamma education and vocational skills. She has taught girls to sew and make flowers, a wonderful alternative to what may await a poor rural girl in Thailand.

She has travelled Thailand widely teaching in Pathumthani, Chiengmai, Kanchanaburi, Prachinburi and Surat Thani Provinces. In these provinces she made outreach to schools and temples to assist teenage girls.

In 2009 she became the Abbess of her own temple in Phitsanulok Province, the province where she was born, and along with the Thai Maechee Institute, she is teaching Precepts & Dhamma at Dhamma Sathan Pailomrat Temple.