Maechee Sukantam Kamyong


Maechee Sukantam Kamyong was born in 1962 and ordained at the age of 27 in Mahathat Temple, Bangkok. She completed her Dhamma studies and Abhidhamma studies to the highest level, level III. She pursued a Master of Arts Degree in Educational Management and went on to become the Abbess of Boon Panya Nusorn Dhamma Center in Buriram (Branch Temple #16 of the Thai Maechee Institute).

In Buriram, a remote province, she firmly committed herself to: 1.) working for Buddhism, and 2.) understanding Buddhist principles in order to apply them in daily life. With this clarity she could perceive the vice (e.g. widespread sale of girls) and lack of education in the province and organize educational and community activities as a means to development.

Maechee Sukantam has successfully initiated 12 community projects, as follows:

  1. Annual moral training seminar, over 10 years 5,000 people have learned meditation and maintained 8 precepts.
  2. Established a Community College with 80 graduates to date and 50 currently enrolled.
  3. Established a community welfare fund, a fund of money managed by the community.
  4. Opened the opportunity for informal high school education, grades 7 – 12.
  5. Friend Therapy Hospital Project to visit the hospital and offer Dhamma talks especially on Diabetes Day.
  6. Teaching Thai language to high school students on a tutorial basis
  7. Toys for youths
  8. Community rice bank
  9. Access to computers for work project, set up a computer room for students and the public to use free of charge.
  10. Dhamma talks on the radio
  11. Organic rice project
  12. Database on Maechees in Buriram Province

Maechee Kukantam Kamyong has created harmony and solidarity in her community and promoted Buddhist principles in daily life.