Punyanuch Saeheng


Current Positions:
• Honorary Committee Member, Club for Thai Society • Honorary Committee Member, Julin Teachers’ Foundation • Creator of Kluen Haeng Dharma Foundation to promote Buddhism & help society • Creator of Nippunil Meditation Center, Wang Nam Khiew, Nakhon Ratchasima Province • Creator of Nippunil Meditation Center 2, Nong Kang Pla, Rayong Province

Development Work: • Missionary and development work Upasika Punyanuch previously had a business in trade and car rental to pick up and deliver workers in the Eastern Industrial Estate. Being a devout Buddhist, she supported many religious & social activities, and charities. In 2009 she started meditating, insight meditation, so she could understand Buddhist teachings. She loves peace and continues to conduct various charitable activities. She carries on development work because many people suffer and do not know how to release themselves. They only concern themselves with making a living. They want to earn more, so they can spend more on materialistic things, rather than spiritual values. Therefore promoting religious values must go along with vocational skills. More importantly, the work must be honest, and not encroach on other people. • Concept and work method Upasika Punyanuch has a strong determination to build meditation centers for people to practice and learn Buddhist teachings, particularly the working group, who has to find time and a quiet place for meditation after working hours. The method is by organizing monthly meditation sessions, and practicing the Precepts, prayers and other religious activities, continuously. • Buddhist Principles and rites used as guideline By applying the Buddhist principle of one’s “duty” to work through activities of practicing the Precepts, prayer, meditation listening to sermons through monthly meditation groups. Belief in the principle of Karma—if you do good deeds, you will receive good karma. Whatever good deeds we do will benefit others, so we are encouraged to do more good. • Skills in missionary and development work Her skills in missionary work are used in teaching Dharma, morals applied in daily life from her personal experience. She opened a meditation center and organized activities in giving, practicing the Precepts, and meditation. It provided space for people to meditate and pray. There are books on simple Buddhist teachings, easy to understand. • Activities in missionary and development work

Having worked for Buddhism for over 9 years, beginning with training Buddhists, until now have conducted the following projects: 1. In the Footsteps of the Lord Buddha, (monthly activity) Group 1/2556 (2013) February onwards until present 2. Mother’s Day activity (annually) 2012 - present 3. Prayer over New Year (annually) 2012 - present 4. Dirt Home Library, 12 May 2012 5. Constructed the office building for the Thai Nuns’ Institute of Thailand, 2015, Ram Intra Road, Bangkhen, Bangkok 6. Young Nuns’ Ordination (annually) in honor of HRH Princess Sirindhorn, 2015 - present 7. Ordination of hill tribes along the border Ban Therd Thai, Mae Fah Luang, Chiangrai 8. Ordination in honor of H.M. the King for his 70th Anniversary of Accession to the throne, 9 June 2016 9. Afternoon Prayer at Nippunil Meditation Center, Nong Kang Pla, Sriracha, Chonburi Province.

• Social Activities 1. In 2011 helped flood victims 2. Since 2011 organized “I Un Boon Mae” (Mother’s warmth) to distribute clothing, jackets, and other things to schools, villagers, hill tribes in impoverished areas which request assistance, annually. 3. In 2012 Upasika Punyanuch and a group presented the robes the Mahakatin on behalf of the Supreme Patriach to Wat Buddhametta at 24123 Webster Avenue, Moreno Valley, California, USA 4. Gave annual education grants to students at Ban Thai Samakki School, Wang Nam Khiew, Nakhon Ratchasima Province 5. In 2115 built a conference room at Ban Huay Pung School, Ban Therd Thai, Mae Fah Lung, Chiangrai Province 6. Purchased medical equipment for Chulalongkorn University 7. Purchased medical equipment for Wang Nam Khiew Hospital 8. Helped build a blood bank in Nakhon Ratchasima Province

• Thoughts for women working in missionary and development work Nuns are truly people who place gold leaves behind the Buddha. They sacrifice to work and serve Buddhism at the forefront and behind the scenes. For example, they organize classes for underprivileged girls, and take care of others’ children as their own Dharma children. They are willing to go hungry to share, to face difficulty and to sacrifice. It is generally known that nuns must have faith. More people prefer to make merit to monks, but nuns do not see that as a problem, but as an opportunity to show society their capability to work for society. For example, ordination of young nuns, which promotes women’s ordination, is well accepted by the local community and the general public. The work of nuns is not short-term, but long-term in providing the foundation for women and young women to be accepted in society.