Susan Hsu-Tuan Yu


Susan Hsu-Tuan Yu believes that music is a positive energy that cleanses the human spirit and inspires goodness in people. As a music teacher of 34 years at Ximen Elementary School, she brought joy to the hearts of countless children.

In addition to teaching, Susan Hsu-Tuan Yu is an active choir conductor of many years standing. She led: the Taipei Children’s Choir, Journalist Club Children’s Choir, Ren-Deng Choir, Xing-Fu Choir, Chinese and Japanese Women’s Choir, and the Taipei Teachers’ Choir. Her awards include the Golden Conductor’s Award and a Silver Choir Award in 1997 at the Australian International Music Festival.

At the age of 81, she currently is the Vice-Chairperson for the Chinese Baddish Music Association, Executive Director of the Chinese Chorus Association, Director of the Rotary International Club 3480 District Choir, Secretary to the Asia Pacific International Buddhist Art and Cultural Exchange Association, and conductor for the Kuan Tzu Tsai Choir, Fa Yu Choir, Shih Yun Choir, and the Guan Zi Zai Choir.

Her love of humanity and music has brought her to give concerts in 66 prisons in Taiwan, nursing homes, orphanages, and at international stages. She promotes Taiwanese folk songs, Baddish music and Buddhist songs. She has composed songs for Fo Guang Shan, Dharma Drum Mountain, Tzu Chi, and Kek Lok Si in Malaysia.