Bhikkhuni Hue Tuyen


Bhikkhuni Hue Tuyen’s life is all about Buddhism. In the temple since the age of 5, An Phu Temple with Bhikkhu Tu Bach as Abbot, she witnessed and experienced a compassionate environment where her teacher cared for old and sick monks. Thus, she vowed to nurse the old, sick, homeless and incapacitated.

Her life is a special story because her mother, 4 older brothers and 2 older sisters all became Buddhist monks and nuns.

Today she cares for 150 people in her small temple where she is the Abbess, Lam Quang Temple, No.301/117H Binh Dong Wharf, Ward 14, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She takes care of and protects the elderly and releases society of burden.

She has made charity trips around the country, mobilized donors, guided disciples, received awards, and praise from newspapers.

Mostly, she recalls as a young girl, many years living in the temple, growing up with the scriptures, the sound of the temple bell, being instructed by a compassionate and merciful teacher, so she has a spiritual and practical life of caring for the lonely elderly.