Bhikkhuni Dr. Huong Nhu


Bhikkhuni Dr. Huong Nhu, a lecturer in the Faculty of Philosophy at Vietnam Buddhist University in Ho Chi Minh City, is one of the most famous high-technology Dhamma teachers in Vietnam, with her youtube videos reaching millions around the world.

Bhikkhuni Dr. Huong Nhu holds a Ph.D. from India, with a doctoral dissertation topic of, Buddhist Psychotherapy: A Modern Perspective. For the past 12 years, she has taught Bhikkhunis and Bhikkhus at the University and plans to continue onwards propagating Buddhism to Vietnam’s emerging young generation of monastics.

She has focused on teaching Dhamma to college and high school students during summer retreats, meditation retreats, and recitation retreats. She has also made outreach to workers, officers, business people, intellectuals, Buddhist followers, and those of other faiths. Korea, France, Germany, Sweden, Canada, the USA, and Australia, are just some of the countries where she has taught.

Her compassion towards the blind is most noteworthy, having printed and distributed more than 2,000 braile books of the Buddha’s Sutras and textbooks for teenagers. Her financial donations to the blind reach the millions. Her meditation retreats for the blind began in 2011 in which she has taught 70 retreats with participants numbering between 300 to 1,000 per retreat.

Dhamma propagation

Bhikkhuni Dr. Huong Nhu has published 500,000 VCDs and DVDs, and in 2016 alone, she delivered 115 Dhamma talks. Her youtube uploaded videos include: