Bhikkhuni Soon O


Born in 1962, Bhikkhuni Soon O is ordained for 36 years. She is the Abbess of Jeongtosa Temple in Chungcheongnam-do, Korea.

For 12 years she studied Buddhism at the University level, including at: Sam Seon Sangha University, Sam Seon Graduate School of Buddhism, Dongguk Graduate School of Buddhism, and Joongang Sangha University. She also received degrees in Social Welfare from the National Institute for Lifelong Education, and in Child Welfare from the same Institute.

Bhikkhuni Soon O is the Director of the Sudeok Social Welfare Foundation and the Dangjin Social Welfare Foundation. She is the President of the Korean Bhikkhuni Association of Social Welfare of Chungcheong, and an Instructor of the Dangjin Police Department, as well as, a Commissioner of the Human Rights Committee of Dangjin. She was the Co-Chair of the Dangjin Environmental Movement Association and now is a member of the Executive Committee of the Nippo Cultural Forest Route Cooperative Committee. Bhikkhuni Soon O also guides Hoengseong Prison to have a business.

Bhikkhuni Soon O constructed Jeongtosa Temple. She is the Founder & Managing Director of Dangjin Child Welfare Center, Dangjin’s first Children’s Center. She is also the Manager Director of the Dangjin Municipal Nursing Home, which cares for 100 elderly people, and has a staff of 57 employees.

At Jeongtosa Temple she has organized: Senior Citizen Gatherings for 17 years, a Youth Conference for 10 years, a Lotus Festival for 10 years which brings 5,000 visitors, Dangjin Temple Choir, and the Blue Lotus Farmers’ Association.

For 18 years she has worked to create Volunteer Groups: Dangjin Buddhist Volunteer Group, Cheongsan Life-Sharing Practice Volunteer Group, and the Social Club of the Jogye Order of Social Welfare Volunteers.

Bhikkhuni Soon O’s awards and honors are numerous, including: from the Dangjin City Mayor, the Korean Military, the Department of Education of Dangjin, the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, the Police Department, Rotary International, Sunseong Senior College, and the Dangjin Environmental Movement.