Bhikkhuni Hue Tu


Bhikkhuni Hue Tu, ordained 53 years, is a member of the Executive Board of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha. She is also the Vice-President and Secretary of the Vietnamese Bhikkhuni Committee.

At the age of 14 she ordained with Bhikkhuni Huyen Hue, former Secretary General of the Northern Vietnamese Bhikkhuni Sangha. She flourished in the compassionate teachings of the Buddha and in viewing the Buddha’s image and gained clear direction to, “Serve human beings.”

Bhikkhuni Hue Tu taught primary and secondary school and holds a B.A. degree. In her free time she sought out social subjects to nourish people.

At the age of 24, she returned to Dong Nai province and built a small monastery, where she taught poor children and poor students. Step-by-step sweet fruits ripened and a long-term path of social activities developed.

In the 1980s she developed a co-operative for making rattan and fine art handicrafts for export. The Thanh Cong Co-operative prospered into a factory--winning provincial and national awards for years.

In 1990 she was appointed Abbess of the Giac Tam Temple in Ho Chi Minh City where she founded a kindergarten serving 200 children taught by Bhikkhuni teachers. In addition, she serves (2017-2022) as the Standing Deputy Director of the Charity Society of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha.

Bhikkhuni Hue Tu’s charitable activities have included: programs for the blind, scholarships and bicycles for students, drilling wells, wheelchair distribution, assisting those affected by natural disasters, offering meaningful presents to poor children on the Mid-Autumn Festival, building bridges and houses of gratitude and love.