Bhikkhuni Nhu Uyen


Bhikkhuni Nhu Uyen was born in 1966 in Ben Tre Province, Vietnam. In 1980, she ordained with Bhikkhu Le Chon. In 1994, she received full ordination at Vien Giac Temple in Ben Tre Province. In 1997, she graduated from the Basic Buddhist Studies Program at Vinh Nghiem Temple (3 years of study). In 2001, she graduated from the College of Buddhist Studies at Vinh Nghiem Temple, Ho Chi Minh City (4 years of study). In 2003, she graduated with a B.A. in Law from Hanoi University of Law (5 years of study).

In 2007, Bhikkhuni Nhu Uyen was nominated to be the Abbess of Tu Hue Temple in Chau Thanh District of Ben Tre Province; subsequently, she was invited to join the Provincial Buddhist Sangha.

She has served Ben Tre Province Buddhist Sangha development by applying her knowledge and leadership skills, as follows: Sangha Department of Economy & Finance’s Chief Secretary (2007-2012), Provincial Bhikkhuni Sangha’s Chief Secretary since 2009, Department of Education for Bhikkhus & Bhikkhunis’ Member since 2010, Ben Tre Intermediate School’s Board of Rector’s Member since 2010, Provincial Sangha Executive Committee’s Permanent Member, Deputy Head of the Department of Information & Communication, Deputy Head of Legislation, and pending decision Vice-Principle of the Buddhist Studies College of Ben Tre Province.

Bhikkhuni Nhu Uyen has conducted research and presented it at meetings, opened Dhamma classes, facilitated favorable living conditions for Bhikkhunis at the College of Buddhist Studies, in addition to a full spectrum of service activities, including donating scholarships, wheelchairs, coffins, building houses, bridges, roads, with charity journeys all over the country. In addition, she sponsors 76 dioxin-affected children with money and rice each month.