Bhikkhuni Dieu Canh


Bhikkhuni Dieu Canh, ordained 53 years, is head of social charity in Vietnam, Abbess of Bao Quang Temple, head of Bhikkhuni studies, and a permanent member of the Buddhist Sangha National Committee of Vietnam.

She works at the Sangha Abbot Committee in Da Nang City, and every 3 months organizes a meeting of Bhikkhunis who belong to the 7 districts of Da Nang City. When Da Nang City opened the 1st Buddhist Studies College, she kindly offered her temple to receive Bhikkhunis from around the country to board and study. Six cohorts of Bhikkhunis have graduated from the college since 1992, a total of 123 Bhikkhunis. Some of these Bhikkhunis are continuing their studies in Vietnam, doing Buddhist service, or studying abroad.

Bhikkhuni Dieu Canh, herself, graduated from Hue Buddhist Studies College and from the Sai Gon Kindergarten Teachers’ College. Thus, she has been active in promoting education and child rights in Vietnam.

She holds many senior administrative posts in the Vietnamese Sangha, the Women’s Union, national organizations, and has successfully managed her temple for the past 35 years. She supports the: Agent Orange Victims’ Association, Red Cross, Disabled and Orphaned Children’s Association, Association of Charity & Children’s Rights Protection.

Bhikkhuni Dieu Canh is active and organizes: Love Porridge for 4 hospitals; charity lunches for cancer patients, offerings for “Day of the Poor,” flood disaster relief; support for the blind; gifts for poor children on Mid-Autumn Festival & June 1st at the International Children’s Festival; rice distribution to families in need; visits to Vietnamese living abroad in Laos, Cambodia and India; established a kindergarten in India; blood donation program at her temple; and she nobly supports 30 houses, including charity houses & gratitude houses in Da Nang City.

Her awards are numerous recognizing her leadership roles in the community and her successful implementation of social work.

Medal of Honor 2001

President Pham The Duyet

Excellent Achievement Award 2007 & 2011

Da Nang City Disabled People & Orphans Assoc.

Excellence Award in Developing Projects for Women 2011 & 2007

Da Nang City Social Welfare Assoc. & Vietnam Central Women’s Union

Excellence Award 2012

Da Nang City People’s Committee, Assistance to Women & Poor Children

Medal of Honor