Bhikkhuni Susila


Bhikkhuni Susila is the Founder of Lotus Meditation & Education Center in Diamond Bar, California, USA. Her center serves not only Bhikkhunis, but also serves anyone who is interested in studying and practicing Buddhism.

Bhikkhuni Susila encourages both children and adults, to learn the Buddha’s teachings. She directs them to practice Dana (generosity), Sila (morality) and Bhavana (meditation). Bhikkhuni Susila was a successful pharmacist before her renunciation. She received her higher ordination on 10th October 2010 at Dharma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara. She spent 3 month, during the rainy retreat, at Bhanvana Society in West Verginia and practiced meditation.

She creatively organizes assistance to those in developing countries of Vietnam and Sri Lanka. She has funded building a school, a bridge, water wells, hospital services of cataract surgery, and food relief.