Bhikkhuni Dr. Zi De


Bhikkhuni Dr. Zi De was born in Zhanghua County and graduated from the Graduate Institute of Natural Healing Sciences at Nanhua University and obtained her Ph.D. from Heilong University of Chinese Medicine. She loves to teach, and specialized in internal medicine and female infertility.

A diligent monastic, she published several self-help books and audio books for free distribution, as an effort to foster cultural inheritance. Bhikkhuni Dr. Zi De offers counseling at prisons. She also assists disadvantaged groups by creating fun fairs and visits to nursing homes. She combines healing mind and body as a monastic and doctor.

Bhikkhuni Dr. Zi De has engaged in numerous international medical exchanges, where she has explained the usefulness of Chinese medicine for Western medicine. She understands the role of natural medicine in modern global societies. Also, she organizes free clinics in remote rural areas. Currently, she is still in practice, and views treating patients as the first and foremost merit field.

Bhikkhuni Dr. Zi De encourages people to find the love of their lives, think positively, face diseases, and develop a correct understanding about how to remain healthy in daily life activities.