Bhikkhuni Zhi Shan


Born near the sea in Taichung in 1946, Bhikkhuni Zhi Shan as a child enjoyed reading, graduated 1st place from her Elementary School, and received the Provincial Prize. At the age of 19 she entered monastic life, and went to study at Ciming Buddhist College, where she served as the class leader. She excelled in being an interpreter and translator for many famous teachers.

After that she began to teach the sutras and preach the Dharma widely. In addition, she served in ordination ceremonies as a preceptor and Karma master. Upon graduation from the Buddhist College, she became active in learning from the newly formed Chinese Buddhist Bhikkhuni Association, where she took courses without interruption. She worked to improve Bhikkhuni Education and enhance unity.

In addition, Bhikkhuni Zhi Shan accepted leadership positions in various Buddhist associations: World Buddhist Sangha Congress, Chunghwa Buddhist Temples Association, Buddhist Association of Taichung County, etc.

"The Buddha has had mercy on me," she notes as over the past several decades she has had a couple of good disciples who attend to her and help her spread the Dharma.