Melinda Han-Hsuan Chang


Melinda leads psychology workshops for women prisoners in Taiwan. She developed the Cocoon Workshop, as the prisoners are metaphorically in cocoons, in a process of transformation. Melinda Han-Hsuan Chang established a non-profit organization, the Chinese Vision of Oneness for Spiritual Growth and with other volunteers now serves: Longtan Women’s Prison, Hsinchu Detention Center, Tucheng Teenager Care Center, Taipei Women’s Detention Center, and Taoyuan Women’s Prison.

To reach the larger society, she founded the Vision of Oneness International Growth Consultants, Ltd., and authored, You Are the Rich Awakened One, published in 2015.

Melinda Han-Hsuan Chang’s success is based upon her having made meaning of difficulties which she faced in her youth, namely: being the 3rd daughter in a family of 4 daughters in a patriarchal Chinese culture; seeing her father addicted to gambling until he gambled away their home, resulting in family debt and no money to go to school; her father had an affair and her parents divorced leaving the family full of arguments and hatred; and lastly someone splashed sulfuric acid on her father’s face and the family fell into sorrow and panic.

So, Melinda took refuge in her faith in Buddhism.

Whenever she lost faith in her family or herself, she made a deep connection with the Buddha.

Melinda Han-Hsuan Chang went to college and studied and applied various aspects of Psychology to her work and life for 30 years now. She has integrated Buddhism and modern Psychology in a manner to help others.

Melinda’s Vision

1.  Parents of the World Awaken

2.  Children of the World Grow Up in Happiness