Bhikkhuni Dieu Nghia


Bhikkhuni Dieu Nghia is the Abbess of Bach Lien Temple in Bac Lieu Province, Vietnam. She was born in 1948 and left home to become a nun in 1966 at Long Duc Temple. She graduated from High School, and attended many training courses for Buddhist Sangha Officers, the course on Buddhist preaching, and several refresher courses for Abbesses and Abbots.

Bhikkhuni Dieu Ngia is a pioneering woman who has shaped and managed the religious mission of Bac Lieu Province and built up the community of her province.

Commissioner of the Managing Committee of the Bac Lieu Province Buddhist Sangha since 1997 with her tenure until 2021, she has grown the new generation of monastics for her province. She has spanned the decades guiding the education of the Buddhist Sangha, and ordaining and maintaining Bhikkhuni monastic legal training. She has established a committee to teach preaching skills and sought funds to support the Bac Lieu Provincial Buddhist College. She organized formal ordination ceremonies for Bhikkhunis and Bhikkhus in 2002, 2005, and 2017.

Her management, organizational, and material contributions to the Red Cross, the Vietnamese Women’s Union, and the Vietnamese Association for Victims of Agent Orange/dioxin are all noted with achievement awards to her name.

Bhikkhuni Dieu Nghia’s research focuses on, Bac Lieu Bhikkhuni Regulations Serving the Sangha and Development of the Nation.