Jui-Chu Chen


Jui-Chu Chen in her early childhood cared for herself and her younger brothers and sisters as her parents worked diligently. She contemplated the importance of parents accompanying and guiding their children’s active learning. She studied independently, yet yearned for their support. By high school, family debts increased and she studied and worked to assist her family. As an adult, she worked in a trading company, and yet her concern for the education of children in the community remained.

So, in 1998, with her former-classmate, Su-Hua Yu, she established the Heart Lotus Garden School, (Geng Hsin Lien Yuan School). She became the director and CEO of its foundation, the Geng Hsin Lien Yuan Educational Foundation in 2003. Jui-Chu Chen organizes the school, guides students to serve the community, be diligent, cultivate gratitude, and create harmonious relationships with their families.

For nearly 20 years, Jui-Chu Chen has brought together children, families, schools and community activists to create a benevolent community with ethics and the spirit of a traditional, functional family in the modern age. This approach follows the inspirational teachings of Master Chin Kungs.

In 2011, she established the Minglun School for economically disadvantaged youth, with diversified teaching activities and great benefits to the students. In the same year, she set up Love Family social enterprise providing consumers with health food and proceeds going to the Foundation. For this, Jui-Chu Chen earned Taiwan’s Social Enterprise Award for SMEs in 2015.