Maechee Duangsamorn Boonrot


Maechee Duangsamorn was born in 1949. She graduated from High School grade 3. She ordained in 1992, and began contributing to Buddhist activities.

She focused on the population of elementary and middle school children, and organized Dhamma camps which developed the children’s understanding of Buddhism and meditation, and overall Thai etiquette. She also cared for village children on a regular basis. Occasionally, she visited schools in Chantaburi Province to offer meditation or morals and ethics teachings. She donated generously to schools providing school equipment, supplies, computers and musical equipment.

As Chief Maechee of Chantaburi Province, she stood for the development of Maechee meditation centers by purchasing land, drilling water wells, and casting Buddha statues. She also looks after the quality of life of Maechees in the province and their opportunities for development.

Administratively, she is a Committee Member of the Thai Maechee Institute and the Thai Maechee Association, and has sought funds to assist these organizations. She travelled to an international meeting in Korea, and also participated in a Sakyadhita conference.

In terms of social work, she has provided food to flood victims in the northeast of Thailand. For her numerous contributions to society, she received a Good Thai Citizen Award in 2008. Maechee Duangsamorn even travelled to Laos to build a large Buddha statue and generously offered a hospital needed supplies.

She would like to help the goals of the Buddhist women’s movement to proceed forward.