Bhikkhuni Vimala


Bhikkhuni Vimala was born in 1964 in Thailand, married and bore children. She departed her family life to become a Maechee, and then as a Thilashin, a nun in the Burmese tradition, followed by ordaining as a Samaneri and then as a Bhikkhuni in 2012.

Along with her Master, Bhikkhu Luang Por Tee Vichitadhammo, she established temples throughout the northern part of Thailand, particularly near the border of Myanmar in Mae Hong Son province.

She is the author of numerous Dhamma books, including Words Used to Encounter the Dhamma a 7 book series, and CDs. Her books contain her insightful Dhamma reflections and eloquent poetry.

Bhikkhuni Vimala is a highly-trained and practiced meditation master with many Bhikkhuni and Samaneri students, as well as, hundreds of laywomen practitioners. Dwelling in the forest in meditation for 8 – 14 hours per day is very natural for her and her disciples. She travels into Burma, throughout Thailand, and Laos teaching meditation with her Master who is now more than 100 years old. Her devotion and faithfulness to her Master over the decades has gained her great wisdom for teaching the Dhamma.

Bhikkhuni Vimala specializes in teaching about: anicca (impermanence), dukkha (unsatisfactoriness/suffering) and anatta (non-self). These three characteristics are an essential teaching in Buddhism, which indicates that everything is in the flow of transience, suffering, and non-self. Thus, Nibbana is considered the only form of existence which knows not transience, decay or death.