Bhikkhuni Phalanani


Bhikkhuni Phalanani is the Abbess of Anenja Vihara, in Rettenberg, Germany. Her Buddhist journey began in 1982 when she attended a Zen retreat. By 2007 she considered ordaining and in 2008 her dream came true, as she became a brown-robed Maechee and resided at Suan Pa Temple in Amper Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

While in Thailand she travelled to Rampoeng Temple in Chiang Mai to practice intensive vipassana meditation. Bhikkhuni Phalanani then travelled to the USA to receive her Samaneri and Bhikkhuni ordinations at Aranya Bodhi hermitage.

She returned to Thailand to Rampoeng Temple to continue vipassana meditation training for 2 years and then departed for Sri Lanka.

She travelled onwards to Australia and lived at Santi Forest Monastery. Her heart led her back to Chiang Mai, Thailand where she lived in the forest and served as the deputy abbot of Pa Mieang Khun Pang Temple, before accepting the position of Abbess of Anenja Vihara.

Throughout her sojourn she has deeply taken refuge in the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.