Dr. Tsung-Yueh Chang


Dr. Tsung-Yueh Chang was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1957. Currently, she is a TV media CEO, and university professor in China and Taiwan.

Dr. Tsung-Yueh Chang states, “May I be born a Buddhist life after life, do my best to protect the Dharma, and always persevere.”

Her two life goals are: “1. Using media to promote Dharma all over the world, and 2. promoting Dharma education in universities.”

Since the age of 20, she often visited Buddhist temples with her mother, and she has studied with: Ven. Xingyun, Ven. Jingkong, Ven. Xuanhua and Ven. Sheng Yan. At age 27 she took refuge in the Triple Gems and Bodhisattva vows.

In 1980 Dr. Tsung-Yueh Chang graduated from Fu Jen University with a Bachelor of Law degree. In 2004, she earned a M.S. in Engineering Management from the University of South Australia, and in 2012 a Ph.D. in Journalism from Fudan University, China.

In 1987, as program editor at Chinese TV (CTV), she edited the programs: Ven. Master Xingyun, Ven. Master Cheng Yen, and The Avalokiteshvara Legend.

In 2002, she became the Deputy General Manager of Beautiful Life Television (BLTV), upon the invitation of Ven. Master Xingyun, and transformed it into Taiwan’s 7th TV channel. Her vision of “Youth, Education, International & Public-Welfare” energized the station and attracted viewers to taste the Dharma. Tens of millions of viewers watch BLTV in Taiwan and abroad.

As the Vice-President of Hong Kong Satellite TV (HKSTV) and GM for Taiwan, she produced China’s Top 100 Famous Temples, and Love & Light, which interviews Buddhist masters and Buddhist social welfare organizations.

Dr. Tsung-Yueh Chang’s awards for BLTV included the Golden Bell Award, the Media Education Observation Foundation Excellent Channel Award, prize from the Taiwanese Ministry of the Interior, and Little Novice Seeing the World entered the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival in 2005. In 2006 she received the Australian Outstanding CEO Award for Overseas Study, and in 2016 the Vader Golden Lion Award for her documentary on the theme of caring for a dying patient and family.

Dr. Tsung-Yueh Chang, in TV media for 30 years, focuses on making positive-energy, Dharma TV programs and lecturing at Fo Guang University. A Bodhisattva indeed!