Maechee Juntima Thepraksa


Maechee Juntima Thepraksa is working to Create the World Via Children, in particular, young nuns.

Born on October 13, 1953, she ordained (age 39) at Kong Karam Temple in Chachoengsao. She graduated from non-formal learning: elementary school (age 40), high school grade 3 (age 51), and high school grade 6 (age 53).

Maechee Juntima Thepraksa worked on professional development by attending seminars. For example,

2015 Thai Maechee Development Program

       Training Trainers

2014 Young Buddhist Association

Honesty: Dhamma Teacher Training

2013 Maha Mokut University

How to Teach About Buddhism

2012 Thai Maechee Institute

Public Speaking Methods for Thai Maechees

2004 Young Buddhist Association

How to Teach Vipassana Meditation

Maechee Juntima exemplifies the virtues of self-discipline and kind-heartedness. Her workshop trainings further empowered her to initiate projects propagating Dhamma in kindergartens, elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities. For example, she was a speaker on:

“Women Staff Development,” for colleges and universities

“Your Heart is Dhamma” for kindergarten and elementary school students

“Teens Concerned About Society” along with the Association to Refrain from Alcohol Use

“Teens Interested in Using Dhamma to Combat Drug Use”

“How Good Morales Can Offer Wisdom in Life”

“Senior Citizen Group”

“Young Maechee Program”

Maechee Juntima Thepraksa led these workshops in various provinces: Chonburi, Chachoengsao, Kanchanaburi, and Nakon Phanom.

Particularly noteworthy is the feedback that she requested from the young nuns upon the completion of their month-long workshop, which came in the form of a survey. Here are some of the questions on her survey form.

Did you understand the teachings?

Do you better understand yourself now?

Do you feel that you are being yourself, who you truly are?

Did you like the food and drinks?

Did you like the location of the workshop?

Did you like the time schedule?