Hsueh-Yu Liu Wang


Born on December 20, 1953, Hsueh-Yu Liu Wang developed the characteristics of being unwavering, pragmatic and industrious early in life as she was born into a rustic farming family in Yunlin County, Taiwan, and her parents worked very hard to raise six children. She grew up, eventually married, cared for her parents-in-law, gave love to her family, and raised her son and daughter in a Buddhist family, which helped them be wise and responsible. In 1986, Hsueh-Yu Liu Wang began studying and practicing Buddhism by attending Dharma teachings at the Taipei Group Practice Society, and enlightenment mind arose in her heart. She became a core member of the Northern Taiwanese Sangha-dana organizing team. Sangha-dana a tradition proposed in Taiwan in 1960, and which took root in 1979 in 3 cities in Taiwan annually thereafter.

She offered her managerial expertise freely and selflessly by organizing numerous, massive Buddhist events, coordinating and cooperating with different organizations. She coordinates people, things, timing, and location with great commitment to excellence and exuberant positive energy. After 10 years, her team decided to establish a registered organization, so in 2003, Taiwan’s Ministry of the Interior approved the Chung-Hwa International Merit Society of Buddha-puja and Sangha-dana, and she has served as the Secretary-General and Event CEO of the Grand International Sangha Dana since the founding of the society. This robust organization coordinates the compassionate contributions of hundreds of thousands of volunteers. For example, a Sangha-dana event has 18 Deputy CEOs, who each leads 100 Group Leaders. Everything runs smoothly because of hard work, a shared vision, uniting of minds, wise utilization of efforts, openness, mutual support, and inclusivity.

Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Southern and Northern India, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Brunei have all been blessed by her efforts resulting in Sangha-dana offerings to more than 370,000 monastics in total across monastic disciplines and lineages. Hsueh-Yu Liu Wang understands the preciousness of life and that the opportunity to study the Buddhadharma is rare, and so she has opened opportunities for monastics to have necessary requisites. She has infused vitality into local and international Buddhist institutes, providing resources, medical funds, funds for monastic education and sangha living in rural areas so that they may focus their minds on the Path and the continuation of the Buddhadharma.

Hsueh-Yu Liu Wang spreads her compassion and loving-kindness into the space of the ten directions, and has done so for 35 years and continues to pledge her life to work for organizing Sangha-dana. Through her example, she hopes that others will come forward to join her in this compassionate effort to benefit and nurture all sentient beings. She says, “I aspire that my example will demonstrate to the world Buddhist vitality and a different approach to life. As a result, the flame of Buddhism will be brighter and the flow of Buddhadharma lengthened!”