Shova Shakya


Shova Shakya, born in 1963 in Lalitpur, Nepal to Taradevi Shakya and Bahadur Shakya, is a descendant of the Shakya family lineage. She was raised in a middle class, Buddhist family where they practiced Buddhism and made offerings. She studied at Yashodhara Buddhist School (primary) and Adarsha Kanya Niketan High School; then graduated with a Humanities degree from Patan Multiple Campus. Since childhood she has enjoyed Dharma discussion programs; studying Buddhist scriptures (level 4) and Vipassana meditation.

She started and operated a woolen, hand-knit business (sweaters, gloves, etc.) for 18 years, employing 500 women, thus meeting her objective to lift Nepalese women out of poverty. Shova Shakya founded the Thaina Women’s Group in 2005, and serves as its president and advisor. It offers health-related programs, leadership and professional training, and assists Buddhist programs.

In 2009, Shova Shakya create the Jagaruka Mahila Savings & Loan Cooperative, Ltd along with 28 aware women to manage their monthly financial investments. Now, it’s a well-established financial organization with transactions of 55 million and more than 800 active members; their motto is, “One for all and all for one.” Gender equality and financial development entered the hearts of members, resulting in growth in educational, financial and social sectors. Her accomplishments also include:

Thaina Women’s Group, Saugal Road construction project, President

Upasika group, Shree Shakya Sinha Vihar, President

Central Committee Member, Bibeksheel Sajha Party

Elected Member, Provincial 3 Assembly, Jan 2018 to present.

Shova Shakya, for her 37 year commitment to propagating Buddhism in Nepal, received the 2014 Outstanding Leader Award (WFB) and the 2016 Peace Award (Nirvana Peace Foundation).

As President of YMBA, we, OWBA members offer Shova Shakya the possibility of renaming her organization to YNBA Young Nepalese Buddhist Association and thereby be able empower nuns in Nepal, as well.