Pranee Nakon


Pranee Nakon is a master teacher, an expert in the profession of high school education and Dhamma education. Born in Nakorn Si Thammarat, Thailand in 1953, to her mother, Tieb Mohchareon and her father, Dad Mohchareon. She attended Kalayanee High School and Benjamarachutit High School, and earned her Bachelor of Education degree in Pathumwan at Sinakharinwirot University. Pranee Nakon’s teaching career began in 1976 at Nonthree High School, and 1978 became a teacher at Chinoros High School until 2003. She served 27 years as a Thai language teacher at Thai government high schools.

Her family was and is devout Buddhists. She frequently saw her parents and grandmother offering alms and going to Dharma talks. While in primary school and high school she accompanied her grandmother every moon day and every evening during the Rain Retreat Season to the temple to listen to Dhamma talks. From 1976 to present, Pranee Nakon began to study the Dhamma deeply.

When she taught in the classroom she infused Dhamma teachings into her lessons, and in 1989 she wrote and published To the Land of the Buddha. From 1993-1996 during the summer season, she organized activities to teach teens the history of the Buddha’s disciples. From 2011-2012, she taught Buddhist etiquette to laity at: Chiangmai and Loei Border Police, Chiang Khan gold mining staff in Loei, students in Kachanaburi, and government teachers in Suphanburi. In 2010, she took 37 students to visit the holy Buddhist places in India.

Pranee Nakon has worked beside Suchat Nakon in propagating Abhidhamma studies throughout Thailand, and in leading people on Buddhist pilgrimages to Myanmar, Sri Lanka, China, Mongolia, Tibet and India. In addition, she has created several chanting books in various languages. Currently, she propagates Buddhism via YouTube: History of the 5 Bodhi Trees, History of the Buddha, and History of the Bodhisattva.

Perhaps most notably, Pranee Nakon stands for the re-establishment of the Theravada Bhikkhuni Sangha in the world, and has worked alongside Suchat Nakon, Nongnooj Tanadumrongsak and others in establishing Bhikkhuni Temples in Thailand, the USA, Australia, Sri Lanka and India.