Bhikkhuni Xin Guang


Bhikkhuni Xin Guang is the former-Abbess of Qian Guang Temple in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Ordained for 60 years, she has brought livelihood and joy to the hearts of many via cultural arts, in particular the intricacies of Chinese Knot Art, or Chinese Knotting.

Using a single thread woven skillfully the artist sharpens concentration while creating great beauty. She has published 5 books on the subject in which she is the author - illustrator and they are all in Taiwan’s National Central Library. The artist expresses innovation and creativity in each graceful knot.

This art form began in the Tang and Song dynasties (960-1279 CE) in China. During the Ming dynasty this folk art spread to Japan and Korea. The beauty of the knot is that it looks identical from the front and the back.

Bhikkhuni Xin Guang, honored nationwide for her accomplishments from 1993 to present, serves as a Chinese Knot Art judge in numerous competitions. Her honors include:

2015 Chinese Knot Art exhibition presenter, Quanzhou Normal University

2009 Chinese Knot Art exhibition presenter, Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center, Kaohsiung

2008 Chinese Knot Art & Caligraphy exhibition presenter along with Master Ru-Hui

2005 Chinese Knot Art exhibition presenter & organizer, Gu Shan District Office

2002 Chinese Knot Art exhibition presenter, Sydney, Australia

2001 Chinese Knot Art exhibition presenter, Tai Pei Buddhist Center

2001 Judge of Chinese Knot Art exhibitions held in Taipei, Miaoli, Taichung, Tainan & Kaohsiung

1993 Chinese Knot Art exhibition presenter, Qian Guang Temple, Kaohsiung