Bhiksuni Fa Xun


Venerable Bhiksuni Fa Xun was born in Singapore in 1965. She ordained in 1992 in Taiwan with Bhiksuni Wu Yin of the Luminary Bhiksuni Sangha, where she also went through five years of monastic training in the Institute. Upon completion of her monastic training in 1997, Venerable Bhiksuni Fa Xun returned to Singapore and began conducting Dharma classes in English and Mandarin for both children and adults in Sagaramudra Buddhist Society.

In 2001, Bhiksuni Fa Xun continued to pursue her education by doing a Bachelor of Arts and Education degree at the University of Western Australia. In 2009, she completed her Honors Degree and wrote a thesis entitled, The Other Path: Bhikkhunis’ Quest for Liberation. In 2014, as part of her Master’s Degree, she designed a Mindfulness program, “Mindfulness and Loving-Kindness in Education,” and conducted research to explore how mindfulness and loving kindness (M.I.L.K.) help young children to develop their emotional intelligence.

Thereafter, she was appointed as the Vice-Principal of the Nuns’ Campus of the Buddhist College of Singapore. Since then, Venerable Bhiksuni Fa Xun has been teaching at various Buddhist centers in Singapore, Malaysia and Western Australia while contributing articles to Buddhist magazines. She is also the author of One Life, Five Precepts.

Venerable Bhiksuni Fa Xun is passionate about Education and takes delight in designing programs and games to address the emotional and developmental needs of young children. Recently, she published a series of Buddhist jigsaw puzzles to help children play mindfully while staying focused. She is active in running camps for young children during school holidays.