Ng Lai Chan


Ng Lai Chan was born in 1939 in Malaysia and stayed in Singapore until the age of seven. After graduating from Nanyang Girls’ High School, she was chosen to attend Nursing School in 1959 in a program promoted by the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

Upon graduation, she became a “State Registered Nurse” certified by England. She moved back to Malaysia and married her dearest husband, Mr. Ho from Malaysia. From there, she started her career as a Staff Nurse at Lady Templer Hospital, 1963-1970. She was then invited to join a non-profit organization, “The Kuala Lumpur Home Serving Nurses,” founded by the Rotary Club. The main function of this Welfare Home is to provide home nursing services and care to the poor and needy who cannot afford medical bills, but who require nursing care and medical attention. She was one of the two kind-hearted and hard-working people willing to handle the Klang Valley’s underprivileged groups. These are hard-core people who stay in squatter areas, swampy areas and rundown areas where necessities are considered luxurious.

Traveling to and from, all over these squatter areas and throughout poor villages every day, she provided daily nursing care to those who were bedridden, seriously ill, and diabetic with amputated limbs. She has dedicated her life to looking after these underprivileged groups for more than 30 years giving hope, love and help to those who need the most. She would have continued this noble task if not for her mild stroke at the age of 68. Her family then encouraged her to take a slower pace of life.

Thus, she decided to pursue her spiritual progress in Buddhism. She studied with many great masters, including the late Venerable Bhikkhu Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda and currently the Chief Abbot of Sam Poh Tong Temple, Bhikkhuni Sing Kan. She always enjoyed attending their Dhamma talks and their charitable activities, such as, Charity Food Fairs, Fund-Raising Dinners, e.g. for Wisdom Park and Pusat Dhammaduta Malaysia Putrajaya, etc. and their spiritual sojourns. She enjoys giving to society.

When looking back, Ng Lai Chan has travelled a long distance and looks forward to planting more Dhamma seeds with whomever she meets in all walks of life. She is blessed with a loving-husband, beautiful children and twelve grandchildren, and she gracefully continues to offer a helping hand to others.