Shermila Milroy

Sri Lanka

Shermila Milroy of Sri Lanka exhibits multiple intelligence. She loves: Science, teaching children and adults, Buddhism, Feminism, social transformation, and the use of technology to benefit society. Born in 1973, her contributions to date are already effective and wide-ranging.

As a Science teacher at Lyceum International School in Colombo she brings creativity into the classroom. As a visiting lecturer at the Bhikkhu University in Anaradhapura she brings Buddhism and social justice to the forefront as a feminist.

Shermila Milroy takes a stand for gender equality in Buddhism and writes and speaks widely on this topic. She has participated in more than 20 conferences to date and spoken about the positive role of Bhikkhunis for society. Shermila Milroy has helped to support the building of monasteries for women, as well as, pioneered health camps for women and children in need. She offers supplies to Dhamma schools and Mindfulness Programs in the rural villages.

As a Buddhist Activist she founded Prajapathi Buddhist Center in Colombo and the SHE Foundation in Colombo. At the international level, she has served as a Peace Ambassador to Korea, executive committee member of the International Buddhist Confederation in India in 2017, and the Sri Lankan woman representative to Way to Happiness in the USA.

In addition, Shermila Milroy is working towards her Ph.D. in Buddhist Philosophy at Jayawardanapura University, Sri Lanka.