Bhiksuni Guo Zheng


Bhiksuni Guo Zheng is the Abbess of Puzhao Temple, a women’s temple in Dujiangyan City, Sichuan Province, China. In 1992, she decided to ordain, and in 1993 she received full ordination at Donglin Temple, Mount Lu, Jiangxi Province. Upon her return to her root temple of Puzhao in Sichuan, she was endorsed by many monastics to immediately become the Abbess, and so she did.

At present, Bhiksuni Guo Zheng is the Assistant Secretary General of the Buddhist Association of Sichuan Province. Also, she is the Vice-President of the Buddhist Association of Chengdu Province, and President of the Buddhist Association of Dujiangyan City.

Upon accepting the position of Abbess, she then had to plan and repair the historic temple. She proceeded step-by-step until complete and then in 2008 an earthquake brought the temple to ruins. Fortunately, all the Bhiksunis rescued themselves, and they slowly began the rebuilding process once again. She notes that when in a desperate situation, people are often inspired by firm willpower. After three years with support from the communist party, Chinese government, and believers, Puzhao Temple’s reconstruction was completed, and it is radiant now. Puzhao Temple’s style is simple, Zen.

Bhiksuni Guo Zheng brought unity to her city by organizing a Buddhist Association, with the purpose of developing Buddhism. Then she set up a Cultural Center in Chengdu Province for bringing Buddhism into the community. This was her response to the Chinese government’s mandate to promote cultural development, cultural confidence, and cultural power. Eventually, she created three cultural centers in Chengdu Province for the promotion of Chinese culture. Currently, she is preparing the construction of the Puzhao Cultural Park to enrich traditional culture in Sichuan Province.

She edited materials to create a number of monastic albums, meditation books and compiled Buddhist literature. Each month she creates a peaceful and quiet atmosphere at Puzhao Temple for the study of Dhamma. She offers public talks upon invitation repeatedly. Bhiksuni Guo Zeng also carried out public welfare and charity projects for more than ten years, offering scholarships to poor college students, assisting the elderly, and providing assistance to those affected by natural disasters. In 2013 she was honored by the Maha Buddha