Chen Jui Chen


Chen Jui Chen is a Buddhist Activist who takes a stand for a healthy way of life and protecting all sentient beings by being an international chef who entices humanity to vegetarianism and veganism. For 20 years, she has worked to save our planet Earth and reduce Global Warming by promoting vegetarianism and veganism which reduces the carbon footprint.

To fulfill this commitment, since 2004, she created and published 11 issues of Vegetarianism/Veganism Paradise, and reviewed the best of Taiwan’s eateries, which won trust from the restaurant owners and praise from the readers.

Brilliantly, Chen Jui Chen got the idea to create the first and only International Vegetarian/Vegan Cooking Contest on the globe. Since 2007, she established the Bodhi Golden Chef Award with chefs from 18 nations participating over the past 13 years. These young, talented chefs are showing the world the beauty and great taste of vegetarian/vegan cuisine.

Then in 2012, during the Bodhi Golden Chef Award Contest she gathered Facebook fans and clubs to form the Vegetarian/Vegan Alliance, which gave birth to Taiwan’s Vegetarian/Vegan Festival with more than 500,000 people having joined.

This seven day event encourages all of Taiwan’s restaurants to go veggie and do so at a discounted rate, thus bringing praise to Taiwan as the Veggie Heaven of the World!