Maechee Kanjana Pocasawat


Born in 1975 in Yasothorn, Thailand. She was the 9th child born in her family. She earned her elementary school education and high school diploma in Yasothorn. Then she earned her Associate Bachelor Degree in Ubon Rajathani province, and her Bachelor Degree at the Teacher’s College, called Rajapat University in Petburi Province. Her Master Degree she earned in Buddhism from Maha Mokut University, Yasothorn Campus.

Maechee Kanjana ordained as a Maechee at the age of 30 in Petburi province at the Maechee Cave Meditation Center. She practiced there in order to make her heart complete and strong in order to teach Dhamma in the future.

After two years she began work at the national level with the National Maechee Institute. Within 7 years she became an elected member of the National Maechee Committee and holds the position of Secretary. Regionally, she is the vice-president of the northern central region and the north-eastern region. She motivated work output for Maechees in various regions of Thailand. She set the goal and reached the goal of establishing a leader Maechee for every province in Thailand. She established a volunteer core group of Maechees for development work in attending to the health of Maechees and their communities.

She is a full-time teacher of Buddhism at a Christian elementary school in Chonburi province, and she is well known for her creative use of technology in teaching students and in organizing Dhamma workshops and camps for youth in Chonburi province.

In addition, she responds to flood victims and those in poverty with assistance. When she is available, she teaches Dhamma in the community at-large, participates in community assistance activities, teaches in prisons and is a well-known speaker at Maechee workshops. Maechee Kanjana Pocasawat is active, direct, and effective.