Maechee Phaphon Kittithavornsri


Born in 1971 and ordained for 25 years, she holds the position of leader of Maechees in Udon Thani province, Thailand. Her objective in work is to deliver services and care to Maechees so that they may receive the highest benefits.

She is currently studying for her Bachelor Degree in Food Nutrition and Application. Her work experience includes organizing an annual meeting for Maechees in Udon Thani province to share their experiences together, thereby forming group harmony. She also has a project of visiting them at the various locations, temples, where they are residing in order to listen to them and offer encouragement. She distributes clothing, medicine, dry foods, offers knowledge, and also finds funding for them to build their residences, kutis.

Maechee Punyaporn travels to various schools to distribute supplies to students, and she responds to those affected by floods. Maechee Punyaporn helps the hospital by organizing workshops on how to make health food with Maechee and local women participating. At the local health clinic she organizes workshops on Faith and Wisdom Development.

She teaches Maechees how to serve as medics in the event of heart attack or other accidents. She also organizes opportunities for Maechees to check for breast cancer and womb cancer at Udon Thani Hospital’s Cancer Center. She teaches Maechees how to reduce their hospital fees as they are ordained persons and to reduce their visa fees when traveling abroad. She assists elderly Maechees and also provides for their funeral services.

She attended workshops: 2019 – International Network of Engaged Buddhists in India; 2019 – Sakyadhita Conference in India; and 2019 – Dr. Rosokun’s Natural Therapies; and 2019 – National Maechee Conference where she was a speaker on Improving Health via Appropriate Diet.

Maechee Punyaporn Saengkhum reports to the National Maechee Committee on the status of Maechees, the challenges they face, and makes suggestions on how to improve their quality of life.