Global Bhikkhuni Awards

The Chinese Buddhist Bhikkhuni Association, was established in Taiwan in 1996. It stands as a highly praised Association of remarkable achievements.
This accolade comes from the government and Buddhist community alike.

The CBBA set as a goal, “Globalization” commencing in the year 2016 onwards in order to share the Buddha Dharma worldwide. CBBA humbly and gratefully expresses its gratitude to all of the wonderful Bhikkhunis across our global village, who have silently made outstanding contributions to their communities. Thus, we decided to create the “Global Bhikkhuni Award,” to commemorate their contributions, and to do so every three years.

Buddhism, as a world religion, is aptly circling the globe, diversifying and merging with various societies and cultures.

As such, we aim to provide encouragement and Buddhist expertise to elites and beginners whose hearts are opening to Buddhism.

A solid beginning is to acknowledge and empower the great Bhikkhunis who are already at work around the world sharing Dharma light. Therefore,
we identify Bhikkhunis who make exceptional contributions in: Education, Academics, Art, Charity, and Medical Care. We know that after being acknowledged these hard-working monastics will definitely generate even more positive energy to benefit all sentient beings by being living examples
of the Buddha’s wisdom and compassion. This is the ultimate goal of conferring this award.